Bear Creek Trail

Nearest Towns:

Daisy, Arkansas


Corp of Engineers

32 miles of rugged ATV and Motorcycle trails suitable for the mountain bike enthusiast that enjoys a challenging ride.  You will find some very steep sections requiring hike-a-bike on the ascents and descents.  Access the trails right out of the Daisy State Park where camping is available and enjoy the scenery. 

The Ouachita Mountains are one of the two major ranges in the Unites States that run East to West, with the Ouachita River running through the mountains. These mountains are know for mineral and timber resources and also for their natural hot springs and abundant wildlife. It is said that millions of years ago the South American oceanic crust was forced underneath the North American crust buckling the land which formed the mountain region we see today and call the Ouachita Mountains which Geologists refer to as the Ouachita Orogeny.


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