Beavers Bend Trail

Nearest Towns:

Broken Bow, Oklahoma


Beavers Bend State Park

Mountain bicyclists and hikers will find 5-6 total miles of trail to enjoy. There are three loops to choose from with each getting progressively longer . This is a stacked loop system and the trailhead can be found on the west side of the Lake View Lodge's parking lot. The smallest loop is just under one half mile in distance, while the medium loop is just over one and one half mile, and the longest loop is pushing 4 miles. Trail users will also find that portions of the Indian Nations Trail have been improved while other sections will no longer be used. Portions of the Indian Nations that will no longer be used will not be maintained thus allowing for the old trail to reclaim itself.

This trail project was made possible through a cooperative partnership between the United States Army Corp of Engineers and the Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department, and funding was made possible with grant monies through the Oklahoma Recreational Trails Program.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

Charles Duke
Off-Road Trails Advisor, Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department
Oklahoma IMBA Representative
OEF member








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