Foran Gap - Ouachita Trail

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Mena, Arkansas
Mt. Ida, Arkansas
Waldron, Arkansas


Ouachita National Forest

Trail Highlights:
Technical Trail that traverses through glacial rock slides on steep hillsides.  Climbs to the top of the Fourche Mountains providing great views to North and South.  Spectacular Ice Falls can be view in the Winter only 1 1/2 mile from Hwy 71 trailhead.  Follow Blue Blazing.  Best Direction to ride is from to East to West.  2 Creek Crossings.  Trail has been greatly improved during 2000-2002 with clearing of brush and overgrowth.  Still some significant Hike-a-bike section present.   Best riding in the Fall, Winter and Spring.  Late summer the interior middle aspect of the trail can have high growth of brush. 

Length: 13 miles (Hwy 71 to Road 270 Trailhead)

Surrounding Areas
Nearby Queen Wilhelmina State Park.

Access the Ouachita Trail at Hwy 71 near Y City, or at Hwy 270 near Rich Mountain Community.  Set up shuttle by way of taking Hwy 71 South to Hwy 270.  West on 270 to Trailhead. 

Local User Input
With recent improvements, this section of the Ouachita Trail is now palatable for the average to experienced rider.  Expert and Intermediate riders will find ample reward for their hike-a-bike effort if riding East to West, as there is a wonderfully paced descent once you cross over the Fourche Mountain.  Experienced riders can expect a 3-1/2 - 4 1/2  hour ride.  Very Scenic with trail traversing through giant rock slides.  In the winter, you can view a great frozen ice flow just 1 12 mile from Hwy 71.  Plenty of technical and narrow single track trail.  The rocky soil drains well and combined with it's ridge-top traverse, it remains dry and makes for a good choice in the Winter and Fall when you are looking for some dry trail. 


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