Irons Fork Trail - Ouachita Trail

Nearest Towns:

Mt. Ida, Arkansas


Ouachita National Forest

Trail Highlights:
Part of the Ouachita Trail, this section traverses through the Irons Fork Scenic Area with mountain top vistas of Lake Ouachita.  Trail crosses Irons Fork Creek by way of raised concrete bridge.  All singletrack trail.  Follow Blue Blazes.

Length: 17 miles (Hwy 27 to Hwy 298 Trailhead)

Surrounding Areas
Nearby Lake Ouachita

Access the The Irons Fork Trail at Hwy 27 Trailhead or at Hwy 298 Trailhead.  Set up shuttle by way of taking Hwy 27 South to Hwy 298.  Head East to 298 Trailhead.

Local User Input
Suggested Ride Direction is West to East, starting at the Hwy 27 Trailhead.  Advanced and intermediate riders can expect a 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 hour ride, Beginners 4 hours plus.  100% single track trail with moderately steep and narrow trail.  A little bit of Hike-a-Bike, and a lot of fast and fun trail.  Lots of ridge top riding through the Irons Fork  Scenic Area.  Half way through you will cross the Irons Fork Creek, by way of the concrete bridge.  With heavy rains, this bridge can be flooded.  Do not attempt to cross if water is over top of bridge.  There are a couple of  Forest Road bailout options to the south down to Hwy 298.  Easy shuttle can be set up.  For for distance, continue on east on the Pinnacle Mountain Trail (20 Miles).   


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