Camp Robinson Trails

Central Arkansas Recreational Pedalers is a group of mountain bike enthusiast who love riding single track trails out at Camp Robinson in North Little Rock, Arkansas.

The über trail system of central Arkansas has a little something for riders of every skill level. Camp Robinson is a state military installation located in North Little Rock just off of I-40 and the Burns Park exit. CARP has been given special permission to utilize Training Area Two and we have built several trails on TA2. You must be a member of CARP to utilize these trails, and you MUST always carry your membership card with you when you are riding on Camp Robinson. CARP is responsible for keeping the trails in good condition, and we have periodic clean up days, but you can help by packing out what you pack in. When visiting Camp Robinson, be sure to check in at the Police Station as you enter the installation, or your vehicle will be towed and you will be fined $160 for Criminal Trespass.

SITE HISTORY: In 1917, the United States acquired 6,000 acres for use as an encampment known as Camp Pike. In 1937, Camp Pike was renamed Camp Joseph T. Robinson. During World War II, Camp Robinson expanded to 48,188 acres and was used for basic training and to house German Prisoners of War. Camp Robinson was declared surplus after World War II and in August 1950, 32,884 acres were conveyed to the Military Department of the State of Arkansas. The remaining 15,304 acres were disposed of as follows; 571 acres to the city of North Little Rock for an airport, 365 acres conveyed to Central Baptist College, 870 acres conveyed to the city of North Little Rock for a park, and 13,465 acres conveyed to private ownerships. DOD retained 31 acres for a U.S. Army Reserve Center.



Camp Robinson Trails



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