Springhill Park Trail

Nearest Town: Barling

Nearest Town with Accommodations: Fort Smith

Location: From Fort Smith heading north on I540, after crossing the Arkansas River look for hwy 59. Go South on hwy 59. After crossing the Arkansas River on 59 watch for the signs to the park.

Type: Single Track / Loop.

Distance: About 7 miles.

Description: This is one of those trails where you can really hammer on. Climbing is very limited and the course is hard packed and very little in the way of loose rock and such. There is nothing really technical out here other then then fact that it is very tight and twisty. If you are looking for a trail that has some great scenery and you just want an easy ride or maybe you want to just get out and blow the cobwebs out of the bike then this trail should do just fine. It stays with in the confines of the park so bail outs are plentiful. The park itself sets on the banks of the Arkansas River so expect to find some really great scenery. I personally like this trail just for the fact that you can go fast and fluid on it, just getting into the flow of the trail is very easy to do here.

Rating: This trail is for everyone, the whole family can enjoy this ride.

Lodging: Camping is available at Spring Hill Park, they have a really nice camping area there. However I am not sure on who runs this park I think its the Army Corps of Engineers, your best bet would be to contact the Barling or Fort Smith Chamber of Commerce for more information. The City of Fort Smith has lots of places to eat and sleep.

Springhill Park Trail

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