Wolf Pen Gap Trail

Nearest Towns:

Mena, Arkansas


Ouachita National Forest

Trail Highlights
31 miles of the Wolf Pen Gap ATV Trail Complex will reopen on Friday, March 15, 2002. 10 miles of the Wolf Pen Gap ATV Trail Complex will remain closed to protect water quality and watersheds in the closed areas. These areas will be marked on site with signs.  The closed portions of the trail are outlined in red on the map.  Trail maps are also available at the Mena Ranger District or the Ouachita National Forest Supervisor's Office.  19 designated camping sites located along the trail system will remain open.

Surrounding Area
Only 15 miles from Mena, Arkansas. 

The Trails
The Wolf Pen Gap Trails consist of mostly ATV Trail.  This is some pretty nice riding with the right weather.  Take note that this is a very popular trail with the ATV's so pay head to approaching ATV's.  You can usually hear them coming, and it is best to move off to the side of the trail to allow safe passage.  Most ATV riders are pretty casual riders, and they are just putting along enjoying the scenery, but others are there with high performance machines and they can really fly. 

If it has been extremely wet, you will find numerous mud wallows that the ATV's have created.  If it has been extremely dry, you may find a layer of dust with a fine powder consistency that will coat you bike and your lungs. 

I have been riding this area for years, and was all for the ATV Park, but the National Forest is very concerned about the impact of the ATV's on the local creeks due to the amount of sediment created and washed into the creeks.  The sediment is harmful to the plant and animal life that resides in the creeks.  Time will tell as to whether the trails will remain open for ATV's.

Weekends will find a big concentration of ATV's, so if you are looking to ride the WPG trails, I suggest riding during the week.  Also, take a map with you, and avoid the trails that are marked in red.  I have queried the National Forest about the "No ATV" area, as to whether this includes bikers and hikers as well and am awaiting a reply.  

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