Can You Eat Triggerfish? How To Cook It?

With over 40 varieties of triggerfish found in subtropical and tropical areas across the world, you might be asking— Can you eat triggerfish?.

Can You Eat Triggerfish

In most situations, the answer is affirmative, nonetheless, triggerfish, like other forms of reef fish, may be hazardous, so be cautious before eating this beautifully colored tropical fish.

Do People Eat Triggerfish?

Yes, people can consume triggerfish safely much of the time but there are certain exceptions. To begin with, the Clown Triggerfish seems to be the only one of the 40 identified triggerfish varieties that is always dangerous to consume.

Do People Eat Triggerfish

Most triggerfish could be consumed safely, although bigger one may be prone to ciguatera, a seafood-related sickness that causes vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, muscular pain, tingling in the limbs, and numbness.

Ciguatera is often not lethal.

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Is Triggerfish Safe to Eat?

Ciguatera can affect triggerfish, as well as many other reef fish. Ciguatera is a gastrointestinal infection that can produce a variety of symptoms, including nausea, heart problems, and neurological problems.

Nevertheless, this does not rule out the possibility of eating every triggerfish. Ciguatera problems can be minimized to a considerable extent by avoiding eating bigger fish. Any triggerfish which weighs more than 5 pounds should not be kept or eaten.

Triggerfish Safe to Eat

Just one of the 40 genus of triggerfish, which is the Clown Triggerfish, has always been deemed dangerous for ingestion.

Various triggerfish species may be consumed and are quite popular due to their white and clean flesh. When prepared, triggerfish possess a sweet taste similar to crab flesh.

Their steaks are thin and light, and they go well with just about any fish preparation. The taste composition of the triggerfish allows home cooks and professional chefs alike to develop new recipes and explore diverse flavor combinations.

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What Does Triggerfish Taste Like?

Triggerfish has a wide range of flavors. The pure white meat, which when cooked tastes like the sweet meat of a crab, will add a lot of richness and complexity to your fish meals.

The sweetness is akin to that of a grouper as well as a somewhat extra shellfish-y flavor than a sheepshead, but it really is distinct in its own right.

Triggerfish are prized for their white, clean meat, which has a sweet, crab-like flavor. Their cutlets are delicate and thin, making them an excellent addition or alternative to every white fish dish.

Its sweet flavor is similar to that of a grouper but somewhat sweeter than that of a sheepshead. One  won’t detect any fishy aroma in trigger fish, therefore you won’t have to mask it with other components.

Eat triggerfish poisonous?

Although these species are not deadly, they are gorgeous to look at, explorers from Australia to Thailand know to stay away from them since they strike without warning and may tear through gloves, wetsuits, and fins.

A tumbler of chamomile tea or possibly a couple of chill tablets should be given to a triggerfish.

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Can you eat triggerfish raw?

Triggerfish is among the greatest wild-caught seafood for consuming raw. It’s great in ceviche, sushi, and sashimi but keep in mind to stay away from the larger triggerfish.

In Japan, uncooked triggerfish is a renowned delicacy, therefore you can often get it chopped particularly for sushi or sashimi in fresh fish auctions. Since the fish is wonderful by itself, you won’t need to add many sauces or spices.

Conclusion: you can eat triggerfish raw.

How good is triggerfish?

Triggerfish is a delicious fish. Its white meat tastes similar to sweet crab as well as shellfish, yet it has a distinct flavor. White triggerfish flesh has a pleasant flavor when cooked, unlike most seafood, and might be a favorite cuisine for those who do not eat fish.

Triggerfish might become a regular component of your diet after you’ve developed a liking for it.

One portion of triggerfish includes 1 gram fat, 85 calories, 16g of protein, and also no carbs, making it one of the most delicious sea fish. Because the oil is omega fat, it is not hazardous to one’s wellness. This fish is a nutritious food since it is high in protein.

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Can you eat Hawaiian Trigger Fish?

Although the humuhumu is palatable and was regarded as such by traditional Hawaiians, this is not highly esteemed as a seafoods by today’s standards. Roasted sweet potatoes or pumpkins were used to entice these fish into nets that were dropped into the sea.

Hawaiians that didn’t like the flavor of triggerfish or even when energy was scarce dehydrated it and used it as fuel for cooking.

More crucially, in certain religious events, both species known as humuhumunukunukuapua’a (Rhinecanthus aculeatus and Rhinecanthus rectangulus) were substituted for pigs.

How much does Triggerfish cost?

  • Hawaiian Black Triggerfish Melichthys niger From $79.99
  • Indian Black Triggerfish Melichthys indicus From $79.99

Is Triggerfish high in mercury?

Gray triggerfish have been shown to have one of the lowest average levels of mercury of any of the fish species studied.

How to Catch Triggerfish

When angling for triggerfish, you may find yourself frustrated since you’ll see numerous triggerfish than you can ever catch. Begin with the correct bait and equipment if you really want a good fishing day.

Little hooks are essential. A number between four and six is a decent place to start. Bait pinning, light sea tackle, and spinning should all be on your list of activities.

Catch Triggerfish

  • Bait for Triggerfish

Triggerfish prefer chopped bait of any kind, squid strips, shrimps, as well as plastic lures. Plastic lures are seldom caught by a trigger’s tiny mouth, so don’t get too enthusiastic about these. They are only interested in playing with plastic lures.

You’ll need a 15lbs test rope with no leads, and you’ll need to attach your hooks on the line directly. Once you’ve located a triggerfish, gradually bring it closer to you and throw some lure near it. When you hook up with this fish, stay aware and prepared to reel it in since they move quickly.

If somehow the triggerfish stubbornly refuses to bite, consider a method known as “bucketing.” Such fish prefer to hide within anything drifting around, which you can take advantage of.

To tempt the triggers, you could use a five-gallon pail or something comparable in size.

Move the vessel as near to these fishes as possible if it has been toying with you but won’t bite. Attach a line to your bucket and attach a small lead, then fill with water and set it beside the boat to drop. A triggerfish will almost certainly jump into the pail if the conditions are good.

Now is a great moment to recall the triggerfish’s jaw, which is packed with large teeth. These fish have the ability to rip a large piece off of your hand or finger. When detaching a hook, use extreme caution.

The triggerfish’s dorsal fin will come in handy as soon as you capture it. It’s impossible to push the dorsal fin down once it’s up. When you press the middle spine down, it works as a trigger, unlocking the dorsal fin thus allowing it to be pulled down.

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How to Prepare Triggerfish

Because of their rough skin, preparing triggerfish is somewhat more difficult than preparing other fish. Stabbing in with your filet knife then cutting up and beyond the skull at an angle, drawing the knife free, turn the fish around, belly flat side, and repeat the stabbing method.

This preliminary preparation will allow you to get into its tough and thick skin, allowing you to clean then filet it like any other fish.

Their cutlets are light and thin, making them ideal for grilling, baking, or frying. Previously, these beautiful fish were solely used in aquariums, but chefs have discovered methods to employ triggerfish on their dinner table.

How do you cook Triggerfish?

  • Baking Triggerfish

    • Preheat the oven to 350 ℉. then grease the bottom part of the baking pan to prevent your meat from sticking.
    • Place the triggerfish in your pan and top with a squeeze of lime or lemon juice. You may also spice to perfection using salt and pepper.
    • Preheat the oven to 350°F and broil the pan for approximately eight minutes. Cook for another 8 minutes after flipping the filets. Because these cutlets are thin, they cook quickly. Make absolutely sure they don’t overcook by keeping a close eye on it while they’re cooking.
    • They’re done when they’re opaque and flaky, and they’re ready to eat. Serve immediately.

  • Frying Triggerfish

    • I love eat Frying Triggerfish ,Fish that has been fried is always a delight. To begin, break a couple of eggs into a mixing basin. Season using salt and pepper immediately. With a whisk, combine everything.
    • Pour extra flour into a separate basin. A couple of cups can suffice for this recipe. Dredge the fragments (which means immersing the filets into your egg mixture then followed into your flour). Continue the dredging stage if you want your coating to be thicker.
    • In a big skillet, prepare 4 cups of vegetable oil. For this, utilize a high-heat setting. When the oil reaches 375 ° F, then the fish pieces are ready to fry.
    • Now, you can put the triggerfish cutlets one at a time, cooking for 10 minutes each time. Make absolutely sure they’re uniformly cooked by turning them over.
    • Using a skimmer, remove the eggs and lay them on a dish lined with paper towels. End up serving the portions hot and fresh. You could serve the fish with a slice of lemon on the side and tartar dipping sauce, but this isn’t necessary for such a great fish.

  •  Broiling Triggerfish

Triggerfish may be cooked in a variety of ways, including broiling. It’s yet another simple way to savor this delectable seafood.

  • Utilizing olive oil, cover your pan for broiling as well as the triggerfish. Fill the pan with the cutlets. Season it properly and equally using salt and pepper to taste and a squeeze of lime or lemon juice over the surface.
  • Place the roasting pan in the oven after you finish seasoning the cutlets. Cook it for a couple of minutes under the broiler. Flip the cutlets over then baste it with extra lime or lemon juice if it appears dry.
  • Return the filet to your oven so it can broil for another two minutes. Make absolutely sure you wouldn’t overcook the meat by keeping a tight watch on it. You may serve these cutlets once they are opaque and flaky.
  • Remove them from the oven and serve while it’s still hot. Enjoy with family, friends, and loved ones.

About the Triggerfish

There are a total of 40 different varieties of triggerfish located all over the world. Divers as well as fish enthusiasts are well-versed in them.

A stone triggerfish is the biggest, growing up to over 3.3 feet in length. This species may be encountered in the Eastern part of the Pacific Ocean, stretching from Chile to Mexico.

Don’t let the fact that triggerfish being bottom feeders fool you. They are formidable predators, consuming sea urchins as well as other reef-dwelling organisms using its jaws and teeth.

They are named as such due to their spines. Their spines let them hide in cracks, fissures, and other nooks and crannies. When they push a trigger—which is merely a portion of their spine—the spine is freed.

These  have toothy mouths that give them a fierce image, and their appearance reflects their character. They have a bad attitude and have also been known to attack swimmers, divers, and other fish when they go too close, particularly if they’re around a triggerfish nest.

Final Thoughts

The very next time you or your buddy is out on the reef, it could be a good idea to finally attempt catching some few triggerfish. They are commonly thought of as troublesome bait robbers by anglers, but they’re also a good food option.

Just remember to think about food safety while determining whether or not to consume a trigger. If you only retain the smaller creatures, you will be fine practically every time.

Most triggerfish is a beloved among seafood experts and individuals who generally remark, “I really do not like fish,” thanks to its excellent flavor, appealing smoothness, and sustainable life.

Then again, the sweet flavor of triggerfish is delicious on its own. Unlike certain fish that are topped with lemon, tartar sauce, pepper or other ingredients, the triggerfish is great on its own.

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