How Much Is A Kayak Pool? Are they worth the money?

Kayak Pool is the leading name in the above-ground pool industry, their expertise and quality products are second to none. They appear to be one perfect addition to your backyards this summer! 

But before you’re ready to get yourself one of these, you must be wondering: How Much Is A Kayak Pool? And is it worth the money?

What is a kayak pool?

Kayak pools are small, shallow pools designed specifically for kayaking. 

They are typically located near bodies of water or in parks. Because they are shallower than conventional in-ground swimming pools, they are great for kids and adults with limited swimming experience. 

Aside from the benefits they provide, kayak pools are also relatively inexpensive.

How much is a kayak pool?

There are many different types of above-ground kayak pools available. Some are fully customizable and come with an extensive variety of pool decking. Kayak pool prices vary greatly depending on the style, size, and shape.

Generally, without decking and installation, the pools cost around $3,000 to $7,000.

How Much Is A Kayak Pool

As for installation cost, you get it for free if you purchase a pool from a kayak. Apart from that, some pools are also available in DIY kits, which have easy-to-follow instructions to make the setup a breeze.

How Much Is A Kayak Pool? The kits cost from $1,460 to $6,150, depending on their quality, size, the type of water source, and your choice of manufacturer. Some kits are less expensive than others, so be sure to do your research and choose the most suitable option for your own home. 

If you require professional installation, the cost will increase.

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Kayak pool sizes and prices

Kayak pools are available in four standard sizes, but you can also customize them to fit your needs. The sizes are 12×20, 12×24, 16×24, and 16×32, most of these come at fairly reasonable prices.

How Much Is A Full Size Pool

The price of a kayak above-ground pool will depend on its size, installation cost, and deck cost. Smaller ones, which are 12×20 and 12×24 kayak pools, can cost you between $4,000 and $12,000 in total.

For larger sizes such as 16×24 and 16×32 pools, the price, including the installation costs, ranges from $20,000 to $40,000.

Kayak pools of these sizes are available in plenty of franchised locations nationwide. The company stands behind its pools with a 30-year warranty. You can also find a kayak pool near you by browsing local retail stores

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Are kayak pools worth the money?

Kayak pool prices vs. In-ground pool prices

After knowing how much is a Kayak pool, Kayak pools only cost half, even a third, as much as in-ground pools. 

Without the decking, you can have an average kayak pool installed for about $4,000 to $12,000.

Meanwhile, the price of a fully installed in-ground pool may range from up to $35,000 to $65,000. Sometimes, it can be as high as $160,000 if you want special customization and features.

Can You Put A Kayak Pool Inground

Compared to in-ground pools, kayak pools are a much more affordable way for you to have a swimming pool for your backyard this summer. 

Benefits of a kayak pool

Apart from the reasonable price, there are many benefits to owning a kayak pool. They are great for water sports, games, lounging, and socializing. They are also much stronger and more durable than other pools. Kayak pools can be placed on the ground or in the ground, making them a versatile choice.


Although open water sports and swimming do sound exciting, they can be dangerous for people who don’t know how to swim.

By having a kayak pool in your backyard, you can enjoy the water without worrying about a safety issue. As their water level is lower than in-ground pools, above-ground kayak pools are much safer for both children and adults.

Easy and fast set-up

Installing a kayak pool is fairly straightforward, and can take as little as a day.

First of all, it does not involve digging a hole in the ground. You can do the installation yourself, even if you have little to no handyman experience. Plus, kayak pools can be set up anywhere there is an open area and can be ready for use in just a few days. 


Kayak pools are a great alternative to traditional ground pools. Not only do they offer many of the same benefits as a traditional ground pool, but they also require far less maintenance. Kayak pools are easy to set up and remove. The pool can be moved with the use of a dolly or a trailer. To do this, the pool must be tamped down to make it easier to move.

Low Maintenance

Kayak pools are available round the clock and you can enjoy your new pool without worrying about the upkeep. The company stands behind their products with a 30-year warranty.

When the pool is not in use, you can just protect it with a removable kayak pool cover. A good cover will keep out the sun, prevent debris from falling in, and also provide extra security. 

Easy To Clean

Kayak pools are made to last for years. They don’t need frequent cleaning or chemical treatments. The three-way filtration system means that you don’t have to constantly vacuum the pool or worry about algae growth. The surface skimmer helps keep the water clean from top to bottom.

Kayak’s automatic cleaner is easy to use and very effective. This lightweight electric cleaner can clean the bottom of the pool as well as the walls and waterline. It is also equipped with advanced software for maximum cleaning efficiency.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does a 16×32 kayak pool cost?

20×40 feet (with a 16×32 swimming area) is the largest size for a kayak pool. The base cost of installing one is around $40,000. To find out the exact price, you might want to contact an installer near you.

How much does a 12×24 kayak pool cost?

For a smaller kayak pool, it is cheaper. You can get one 12×24 foot sized kayak pool for around $11,000.

How Long Would It Require To Install A Kayak Pool?

Kayak pools can be installed in just a few days, which makes them a convenient alternative to digging a hole for a ground pool.

The first step in installing a kayak pool is to prepare the area where you plan to install it. If you are installing it in an in-ground location, you will need to dig a hole, which can be messy and difficult to clean. However, above-ground kayak pools can be installed in just a few hours and are very easy to maintain thanks to their slip-resistant paint and interlocking aluminum panels.

Once you have prepared the area, it’s time to install the liner. Start with the bottom corner of the pool, and pull the liner walls towards the liner track. Then, insert the liner beads in the opposite corner and side walls. Finally, check the fit of each liner bead.

Can You Put A Kayak Pool Inground?

One great thing is that you can have your kayak pool either in-ground or above-ground.

Meaning that we can fully embed our acclaimed kayak pool into the ground to provide the appealing appearance and swimming experience of an in-ground pool. You can still enjoy all the advantages of the kayak pool while having it integrate perfectly with your backyard and the landscape.


So how much is a Kayak pool? Kayak pools are some of the best above-ground swimming pools on the market. 

Because they are shallower than conventional swimming pools, they are great for people with limited swimming experience. They are backed by excellent warranties, which should help you avoid costly repairs. Aside from that, kayak pools are also relatively inexpensive.

If you ask me, a lovely kayak pool in your backyard this summer would be worth the price!

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