Can You Eat Coconut Crabs? Are Coconut Crabs Good To Eat?

So, you’ve heard of coconut crabs, a popular tropical delicacy in the Philippines. Now you’re wondering Can You Eat Coconut Crabs?, and if yes, Are Coconut Crabs Good To Eat? This article will answer your questions about this exotic seafood. And even, learn some delicious recipes you can cook with it!

Can You Eat Coconut Crabs

Can You Eat Coconut Crabs?

If you love seafood and are questioning if you can eat a coconut crab, it would be pleased for you to find out that coconut crabs are indeed edible. 

The most popular misconception about this type of food is that you can’t eat any part of them! In reality, all parts of the coconut crabs can be eaten and enjoyed by anyone.

However, there are something you need to pay attention to when eating them:

  • First, the shell of the coconut crab has feathery cones on the side of its body and these cones are totally edible. 
  • Second, it’s not safe to eat the tail of a coconut crab, but it’s a local delicacy! To be able to eat it, you just need to carefully twisting it off from the crab’s body to remove the intestines from the tail.

Can You Eat Coconut Crabs

People do eat coconut crabs, especially in the Indo-Pacific nations. Generally, the best parts are its eggs and the abdomen fat. In addition, you can eat coconut crab meat which, thanks to the crab’s size, is a lot more in quantity compared to other types of crabs. 

What Are Coconut Crabs?

The coconut crab is the largest land crabs on Earth which lives in tropical islands. It is closely related to the hermit crab, which also lives in shells that it borrows. 

The best place to find these crabs is in the tropical Pacific Islands and the Indian Ocean. And its largest population is located in the Christmas Island National Park in Australia.

What Are Coconut Crabs

Coconut Crabs

Aside from being extremely strong and large, coconut crabs are also believed to have played a role in the disappearance of Amelia Earhart. Researchers believe that the missing pilot’s body was brought to the uninhabited island by the creatures and dragged away to their nest.

It is unclear whether or not this happened, but it is thought that the coconut crabs were responsible for Earhart’s death on the island.

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Is Coconut Crab Good To Eat?

You might be wondering, are coconut crabs good to eat? The answer is, if handled the correct way, coconut crabs are completely safe and good to eat. It is also a healthy food and is suitable for diets.

These crustaceans are low in calories, with only 82 calories per three-ounce serving. The majority of those calories come from protein, while a small amount comes from fat.

Although raw coconut crab meat might contain some toxins, when cooked properly, it is highly nutritious for humans. Its high protein content helps you feel full for a long time. Therefore, you can eat coconut crabs without worrying about overeating or gaining weight.

It is also full of amino acids, which help reduce stress levels and promote cardiovascular health. In addition, coconut crab meat can help you build muscle and heal faster than you might expect with a diet alone. 

Are they Poisonous

Despite being considered safe to eat, they do pose a potential health risk if consumed in large amounts. Coconut crabs may be poisonous, especially if fed toxic plants, so eating them should be done with caution.

If you’re planning to eat these animals, remember to consult with your local food authority and cook them accordingly. This is the best way to get the most out of this tasty treat!

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Do Coconut Crabs Taste Good?

Now that you are ensured that coconut crabs are edible and good to eat, the next questions are: What do coconut crabs taste like? Do they taste good?

Coconut crab meat is a delicious way to enjoy the taste of this exotic treat. Its meat is buttery and sweet, and if cooked correctly, is similar to that of a lobster. 

While coconut crab meat is comparable to that of lobster and crab meat, its eggs and fat are prized. It is often said that the abdominal fat and innards are the most delicious part of the crab.

Coconut Crabs Taste LikeThese crabs are often cooked with moist heat and are served with a variety of sides. Many coconut crab recipes include coconut milk. However, it is not compulsory, and you can eat a coconut crab with many different types of sides depending on where you live.

If you’re considering trying this delicacy, be sure to check the ingredients list to make sure that it’s healthy.

In fact, coconut crab meat itself is a healthy food that may help you lose weight. It is rich in protein, which helps keep you full after a meal and prevents overeating. In addition, they have a low calorie count, making them a great choice for weight loss.

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Coconut Crab Recipes

If you are planning to cook this seafood for yourself as well as your beloved ones, take a look at this following simple coconut crab recipes.

Step 1: Prepare the coconut crab

First you need to remove its tail. To do this, simply crack the legs of the crab with a rolling pin. 

Coconut crabs look like Spiny Lobsters, but their tails are not meat-filled. Instead, it looks more like the abdomen of an insect, filled with a thick, paste-like liquid.

It is a delicacy in its own right, and you can use it for many recipes.

Next, peel off the top shell. 

Crabs use their powerful front claws to open the coconut husk. Crabpickers must hold the crab tightly by its back and biggest legs. You must be very careful not to let the crab get hold of your fingers. 

Once the shell is off, clean the insides and discard the remaining shell.

Step 2: Prepare the curry paste

To get the most out of this treat, you can eat a coconut crab with a coconut curry, made with fresh coconut. It is best served with rice and other accompaniments of your choice. 

To prepare the curry, the crab should be washed and cleaned before cooking. After cleaning, prepare the coconut paste with coconut, shallots, ginger, turmeric, Kashmiri red chilli powder, and black peppercorn.

How to Cook it

Step 3: Cook the coconut crab

Mix the curry powder, garlic, ginger, nutmeg, and all spice. Stir to combine. 

Next, add the onion. Cook until the onion is soft and the mixture starts to brown. 

Lastly, add the crab and the remaining ingredients to the pot and stir. 

Allow to cook for ten minutes. After that, add the coconut milk and stir to combine.

Step 4: Serve the food and Enjoy!

Once it is cooked, you can eat your coconut crab dish with lime wedges and a ramekin of sweet chili sauce. Finally, just enjoy the deliciousness of the coconut crab meat!

Related Questions

Can You Eat Coconut Crabs Raw?

A native of Southeast Asia, coconut crabs are considered a delicacy in many countries. However, it should be noted that raw coconut crabs are not edible.

Since they often carry bacteria, it is best to remove the toxins by cooking it thoroughly before eating. Simply boiled coconut crabs can be eaten just as deliciously as you can ever imagine!  

Are Coconut Crabs Dangerous?

Can coconut crabs kill you? They can not. However, coconut crabs can be dangerous if provoked or mishandled. 

With their powerful pincers, they may attack humans as a form of self-defense. While it’s unlikely to damage a human’s health, a coconut crab’s pincers can easily break bones and cause fatal wounds.

If you’re wondering, “How strong are coconut crabs?” to be able to hurt a human being like that, you’re not alone. Researchers have recently measured the strength of a coconut crab’s claws. 

As it turns out, they can produce an estimated 75 pound-force, which is around four to five times stronger than your average jaw. That’s why coconut crabs are one of the most formidable animals on Earth.

Are Coconut Crabs Endangered?

There are several reasons why people might be concerned about the fate of this little-known species. 

Coconut crabs are seriously endangered as humans have reduced their natural habitat. Over-hunting and coastal development has also led to its significant losses.

This is not the only threat the crab faces, as it is also threatened by  invasive species such as yellow crazy ants and introduced carnivores. 

Conclusion: Can You Eat Coconut Crab?

Once again, coconut crabs are edible for human beings and you can eat coconut crabs, safely and deliciously. A native of Southeast Asia, this type of seafood are considered a delicacy in many countries. People love to eat them not only for their delicious meat but also for their amazing eggs and abdomen fat.

Although there are some cautions you need to pay attention to when preparing and eating coconut crab, it is worth trying if you’ve ever got a chance to.

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