Fishing Moon Phase Theories and Tips

If you’re not sure when to fish, you can try using Fishing Moon Phase Theories and Tips to determine the best times to go fishing. You can use the solunar calendar to figure out when the major feeding periods are and when they coincide with sunset, sunrise, and the full moon. You can test your theories to see which times produce the best results.

Fishing Moon Phase If you can’t get much fish during the major feeding periods, try fishing during the minor ones.

Solunar theory

Anglers often wonder what day of the month they should be out on the water. In addition to the sextiles and other phases of the Moon, solunar theory can also tell you when the fish spawn. It’s important to remember that peak activity times usually fall within a half-hour to an hour before or after the sun sets or rises. Although solunar theory doesn’t guarantee you’ll catch a fish, it will definitely increase your chances.

Solunar theory

Peak activity times

The best times of day to fish and hunt depend on the moon phase. Fish and game tend to feed at dawn and dusk when the moon is at its highest point. Fish and game tend to feed at the peak of each moon phase because the Moon and Sun are at their strongest and correspondingly align with specific monthly periods. You can learn about the peak times of the moon and how they affect fishing by using a calendar or moon phase calculator.

Day and night

Fishing moon phase theories provide anglers with a great tool to identify the best days and tides to fish for fish. Thankfully, they’re not too difficult to understand. In general, fishing by moon phase tends to produce better results during periods of full and new moon. It’s essential to remember that stable weather and water conditions are crucial to moon fishing success. However, there are many ways to maximize your chances of success.

Minor periods

If you’re trying to catch more fish, you might try fishing during specific moon phases. These are known as major and minor periods, and they coincide with high and low tides. In general, fish tend to bite when the moon is directly overhead or on the other side. When the moon is 90 degrees off either side, they tend to bite as well. You can also fish during the spring or fall equinox, when the moon is at its highest point.


Some researchers think that oysters are attuned to lunar rhythms. They believe that oysters open their shells in response to changes in moonlight. Researchers from the University of Oldenburg and University of Bordeaux studied twelve Pacific oysters that were found to react differently to lunar phases. The moonlight may help oysters regulate their daily activity and thereby influence their shell-opening behaviour. The study also shows that the tides affect the behaviour of these creatures.


Fishing Moon Phases can have significant implications on the water and the types of fish you’ll be catching. The four phases of the lunar calendar affect ocean tides. The New Moon and the Old Moon have the largest gravitational pulls. The energy these two celestial bodies exert on water increases the water’s involvement in tides and ocean currents.

ocean tides and the moons gravitational

Full moons

If you are a fan of big game fishing, the days leading up to the full moon are perfect. These days can be anywhere from five to seven days prior to the full moon. In general, those who are aiming to catch a black marlin will head out on the water between seven and two days prior to the full moon. For this reason, you should know the tides in your location in order to plan your fishing trip.

Fishing Moon Phase Theories and Tips

Many anglers believe that fishing moon phase theories are helpful. They have experienced that the tides of the moon affect the fishing process. While fishing during a full moon may be a bad idea, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try them. In fact, many anglers have found that fishing at certain phases of the moon can actually improve their catch rates. Luckily, this theory is only partly true.

Can Moon Phases Help Your Catch Rate

A recent study suggests that moon phases do influence catches of gamefish. While other factors also play a role, this fact is interesting to note, and may help you improve your catch rate. The study used data from commercial fisheries and Pacific Ocean fisheries to find out whether moon phases affect catching.

Can Moon Phases Fishing Help Your Catch Rate

Interestingly, five of the eight gamefish studied showed a relationship with lunar phases. The first quarter of the month produced the highest catch rates for dolphin fish, short-fin mako shark, and blue shark. Black marlin caught rates peaked during the full moon and new moon.

Fishing under the full moon may also result in higher catch rates. However, minor moon phases may rise during the day and aren’t necessarily the best time for fishing. While major moon phases are not optimal for fishing, they still tend to produce good results.

However, most fish feed at certain times of the day, so the most productive time to go fishing would be immediately after the moon sets. This is why fishermen should always be careful when fishing during the full moon.

What Science Says about Solunar Fishing Calendars and moon phrase

When it comes to fishing, you may have heard about solunar fishing calendars and wondered what they were all about. The idea is that fishing is a natural process, and that there are periods where fish are most active.

However, this is not always the case. The timing of solunar periods is not always perfect, and it is important to budget your time accordingly. Listed below are some factors to consider before using solunar fishing calendars.

While solunar tables are a useful planning tool, they don’t account for the daily variations in weather, so it is important to make your plans taking into account these fluctuations. While they may be a good baseline for periods of increased activity, they do not take into account the daily and nighttime weather changes. White-tailed deer, for example, will move with the moon and therefore change their activity patterns.

Lunar Periods: The Best Time to Fish

You’ve probably heard the term “lunar period” before and been wondering if it applies to fishing. It actually does, but only for specific times of day. You can use a lunar fishing calendar to determine the optimal time to fish or hunt.

You can choose a particular lake or river to be specific. By knowing the time of the moon during each phase, you can increase your chances of catching more fish.

When does the moon rise or set?

During the major periods, the moon is directly overhead or below your reference latitude. The moon’s tidal influence is the greatest during these periods.

When does the moon rise or set Fishing Moon Phase

A farmer’s almanac can also give you an idea of when the moon is in the sky. You should fish during these periods. The best time to fish is ideally before dawn or right after sunset.

Moon Phases: The Best Day of the Month to Fish

In order to maximize the chances of landing a fish, fishermen should plan their fishing trip according to Moon Phases. There are two types of moon phases: Major and Minor. Major periods occur when the moon is directly overhead or below the earth, while Minor periods occur when the moon is at a 90-degree angle to either side of the earth.

The Moon phases are approximately six hours apart. The best time to fish is on the Equinox, when the day and night are the same length.

Various creatures respond differently to lunar influences. While the effect is obvious for certain creatures, little scientific evidence is available for bass. As a result, many fishermen ignore the moon phases and peak solunar fishing times. In the case of bass, knowing the Moon phases can help determine the best time to fish.

Problems with Fishing During a Full or New Moon

Many professional fishermen recommend fishing on the days before and after a full moon. However, some fish are more responsive to the tides on the days before and after the full moon. That said, the days around a full moon will often be less productive for fishing than those before or after.

In addition, your success will likely depend on the species of fish you’re targeting. Ultimately, the best time to fish for bass or trout will depend on the specific species of fish you’re targeting.

During the full moon, a greater amount of fish feed than during the other phases. That’s because tidal volumes are higher. Big fish will also head to the flats to feed on their favorite prey.

That means anglers who seek big fish may have a hard time landing them during the full moon. But if you use the same tactics you would in other phases, you’ll likely land a bigger catch than you might have with the full moon.

Is Moon Phase fishing Theories real

The theory of moon phase fishing relies on the concept of gravity and how the earth and moon interact with one another. The phases of the moon, and their relationship to the earth, affect the activities of sea creatures and are believed to be particularly favorable for fishing.

Moon phases vary from month to month. The major period occurs when the moon is directly overhead or below you. Minor phases occur when the moon is rising or setting.

A solunar theory was first put forward by Dr. John Alden Knight in 1926. He used years of observations of fishing and hunting to develop the theory. The people noticed that fishing and hunting were better during full and new moon periods.

Knight then analyzed the cases and concluded that the moon phase and the time of sunrise and sunset could be correlated with the quality of the fisheries. The moon phases correspond with different events in the solunar calendar, including sunrise and sunset, which are key factors in the quality of fishing and hunting.

How Does moon phase affect fishing?

When it comes to fishing, how does the moon phase affect your catch? For starters, when the moon is new, fish tend to be more active. This is because they’re feeding on food that’s abundant during this time of the month.

Additionally, the higher tides will cause big fish to move inland in search of food. However, this doesn’t mean you should abandon your usual tactics just because the moon is full. Instead, use different techniques to catch the biggest fish of your life.

The effect of the moon on the tides and currents will vary depending on the species you’re targeting. During the new and full moon, the ocean “swells” due to the changing rotation of the earth relative to the moon.

Because the moon is also surrounded by the sun, these tides will be more intense. When the moon is full, the sun will also exert a larger gravitational pull on the water.

The benefits Of Fishing during Moon Phase

When it comes to fishing, the moon phases can have many advantages. Not only is it easier to predict the weather, but there are also major and minor feeding periods of the moon.

According to the solunar calendar, the sun’s phase is approximately six hours ahead of the moon’s. This is prime fishing time. It also helps to know what moon phase is in the future before heading out to fish. Below are some of the benefits of fishing during moon phases.

During the full moon, bass are usually out on the water, but not always. Because bass are on the top of the food chain, they often feed during the full moon. Also, the full moon is a magnet for smaller species and insects.

Hence, fishing during the full moon is a good idea if you want to catch larger fish. However, you should remember that you will have to change your strategy and gear a bit.


Planning your Fishing strategies depend on the kind of fish you are targeting and their Size.

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