Why Visit the Ouachita Mountains

Currently, most people are visiting popular tourist sites worldwide and sharing the stories on their YouTube channels/social media pages. Create your beautiful stories by going to the famous places in Arkansas on your wishlist. Arkansas state is a famous holiday destination for many outdoor enthusiasts. It has large water bodies, mountains, hot springs, and caves.

Why Visit the Ouachita Mountains

But why visit the famous places in Arkansas? This guide will be helpful to you as it has a detailed review of famous places around the Ouachita Mountains. So, read it before deciding and planning your trip.

Reasons to Visit the Ouachita Mountains

You will enjoy your holiday in the Ouachita Mountains by going to the best tourist attraction sites, making it a reason to visit. The reasons to visit Arkansas/Ouachita Mountains include;

Breathtaking Views

The breathtaking views around the Ouachita Mountains will keep you engaged. The several vistas here will enable you to see the surrounding areas, which are worth every moment.  

Buckeye Mountain trail on the Caney Creek Wilderness Area will enable you to have one of the best breathtaking views in Arkansas state. You’ll spot several mountain peaks at the top of this mountain, unlike other view areas. However, you’ve got to climb the steep terrain to have such a wonderful view.

Breathtaking Views

If you want to better view Lake Ouachitas and the surrounding area, go to the Hickory Nut Mountain. The best thing about this vista is that you can drive to the top. So, you won’t get tired but get a chance to see more spectacular scenery from your vehicle.

The Pinnacle Mountain will offer you a 365-degree view spectrum. However, it’s a tough short climb that’s worth sweating for. You will see the Arkansas River, Lake Maumelle, Little Rock, and the Chinquapin Mountains.

If you want to see the wonder of the creations, come to a mountain home in the southern parts of the Ozark mountains. It hosts the twin lakes and three other surrounding rivers, enabling you to have good times along the water bodies.

Extensive Forest Land

If you’d like to interact more with the woods, come to the Ouachitas, which has good forest cover. The Ouachita National Forest has dense forest cover, which is good for some me-time in the woods. The forest covers 2,788 square miles, and it’s in the southern part of the United States. It’s an ideal area to interact with wild animals who like staying in the densely covered areas.

Extensive Forest Land

It will offer you a chance to get fresh air and cool breezes as several lakes and rivers surround it. For example, Lake Ouachita passes through this forest which adds the flavor to a nature enthusiast.

The mountains around this place also have good forest cover with several campgrounds and trails. This offers you a chance to stay longer in the bushes and stay fit by hiking or walking on the trails.

Stunning Sunset

You will also glimpse the beautiful scene when the sun is setting in Ouachitas. The stunning sunset views from the Flatside pinnacle in Ouachita National Forest are a sight to behold. Another point to capture the sunset is the beaver lake. The expansive shoreline is the best place to rest in the evening as you wait for the noble scene. It’s accessible by road and covers about 487 miles with many campsites to rest at.

Stunning Sunset Ouachita National Forest

Visit the Ouachita Mountains – Stunning Sunset

But it’s also possible to watch the sunset from the mountains in Ouachita, where there are various viewpoints. The amazing sunset is a plus for those into travel photography as it will capture the attention of most people who come across the photos.  

Amazing Bathhouses in The Natural Hot Springs

You will also have a chance to swim or bathe in hot water while in Arkansas. Visit the many bathhouses in this area and soak your skin in the precious waters. The waters contain calcium and potassium, which are beneficial to the bones. The hot water also contains magnesium, calcium carbonate, and silica, resulting from the water’s interaction with the rocks.

Amazing Bathhouses in The Natural Hot Springs

You can also walk into any bathhouses around for spa services and get a lifetime treatment in a luxurious spa with modern amenities.

Apart from that, you’ll also get a chance to interact with nature at the Garvan Woodland Gardens, which is 20 minutes from downtown. You will be woken up by bird calls early in the morning, then take a walk in the gardens.

But if you want some drink/beer to quench your thirst for the bottle, go to the Superior Bathhouse Brewery. This brewery is becoming popular in the area and has a beer tasting room where you can sharpen your tasting buds. You can also take some time on the waters on a hot day.

Find Diamonds in The Ouachitas

If you want to collect precious stones while vacationing, go to the Ouachitas, where you’ll be allowed to carry them home. The Crater of Diamonds State Park allows you to mine diamond stones any time you’re around.

Visit the Ouachita Mountains - Find Diamonds in The Ouachitas

Find Diamonds in The Ouachitas- Visit the Ouachita Mountains

The state park is one of the places where the public can dig diamonds in their source, and it attracts several people. You can also find rocks like quartz, gemstones, and minerals at this place. However, you’re not allowed to use battery-operated or motor-driven machines here.

The best thing about this place is that you can learn the techniques to mine diamonds and the diamond colors at the Diamond Discovery Center. Since 1972 more than 33,000 diamonds have been found by park visitors. So, you can try your luck finding this fortune-changing stone. But you can relax after a long day in the mines at the campsites or the Diamond Springs Water Park.

Visit The 5 Diamond Lakes in Ouachitas

If you want to have a different experience from the other popular tourist sites, visit the 5 diamond lakes. The five-diamond lakes include Lake Catherine, Lake Ouachita, Lake Hamilton, Lake DeGray, and Lake Greeson. These are great spots to come to during summer when the heat is unbearable. It’s a great area with multiple activities like bird watching, horse riding, fishing, and swimming.  

Diamond Lakes in Ouachitas - Visit the Ouachita Mountains

Diamond Lakes in Ouachitas – Visit the Ouachita Mountains

Go to the Magellan Beaver Dam trail in Hot Springs and watch ducks, beavers, opossums, or raccoons. You can fish largemouth bass, crappie, sunfish, or catfish at Gurdon Lake. Horse ride along the Ouachita Mountains foothills like on the Bar Fifty Guest Ranch in Bismarck.

If you want to swim or soak in the water, go to the Crystal Springs swimming hole, built in 1935. The trails will also offer you a good chance to hike or mountain bike before retiring to the picnic sites along the Little Missouri River.

Also, the region has more state parks which ensure you maximize your time in this place. What’s more is the alligator petting farm, the only one in Arkansas. So, if you want to set your eyes on these creatures, visit the 5 Diamond Lakes.

Visit The Uninhabited Islands for Primitive Camping

Are you tired of crowded areas whenever you take off work and go on holiday? The Ouachita Mountains have your back as it has some uninhabited islands where you’ll enjoy staying without much traffic. These places are good for some reflective moments and help relax the mind, especially if your job is in demand.

Uninhabited Islands for Primitive Camping

Lake Ouachita has some of the best unexplored islands, making your stay here worthy. You can discover the islands as you boat in the waters. As you move deeper into the water, you’ll see the islands rise amongst the waves.

You can camp at any of the hundred uninhabited islands in Lake Ouachita as long as you feel safe there. Apart from camping, you can spend your day in the water fishing, swimming or boating. If you want to ski or scuba dive in a water body with less traffic, come to the uninhabited islands and enjoy.

Rich Historic Sites

The historic sites in Arkansas are a reason to visit these areas, especially if you’re into history. You can visit the Blanchard Spring Caverns and discover the beautiful lit caverns with crystalline formations.

The little rock civil war marker in the Riverfront Park, Little Rock, will also help you enrich your history about this region. On the other hand, a staunch Christian will find nourishment after visiting the sculpture of Jesus at the Magnetic Mountain, which was erected in 1966. You will also have a chance to see the Berlin Wall, the Israeli bomb shelter, and the cultural and biblical history museum.

Great Music, Arts and Crafts

The great music and arts should also attract you to these mountains. There are several music festivals held in the Ouachitas in different seasons you should intend to attend. This will allow you to learn the people’s ways on this side of the world and expose you to more arts and craft pieces.

You can attend the Hot Springs Music Festival, which happens at the Hot Springs National Park. Also, the Ozark folk center state park will enable you to have a taste of the music and arts and crafts of these people. You will see the blacksmiths and potters plus several artisans at work.

If you’re interested, you can learn how to produce music in an autoharp, dance, and start your herb garden. After that, you can get a chance to join the folk music capital of the world and show your prowess.

How to Prepare for a Trip to the Mountains

Before setting out for a trip, you’ve got to prepare to reduce the challenges you may encounter. This is not different when going to the mountains. The following tips will help you concur the Ouachita mountains and come out with positive reviews;

Have A Schedule and Stick by It

One of the easiest ways to tour the mountains is following a schedule. Make your schedule, including the time to reach your destination and when you’ll set out for various activities.

Also, write down the kilometers you intend to cover per day and the places to take a break. With this, you’ll not waste a lot of time as you’ll be working with a target.

Know The Weather Beforehand

It’s advisable to check the weather forecast before setting out into the mountains. You can use weather forecast apps to help you know this or check on the country’s website. Do this a day before the trip and in the morning when you’re about to leave.

However, you need to be prepared for any weather changes in the mountains. For example, in the Ouachita Mountains, the weather tends to be unpredictable, and it can rain at any time.

Pack Wisely

You will need to carry essentials with you as you go up the mountain. You will require food, water, and extra clothes. Having camping kits is also good if you intend to stay longer. However, the main challenge comes in when you carry too much, weighing you down as you find your way up.

So, pack your backpack cleverly to enable you to bear the weight with ease. Put lighter bulky items, which you’ll use later, at the bottom of the backpack, then have essentials at the top.

Have The Right Gear And First Aid Kit

You should put on the right clothes and mountain climbing gear. Also, have a rope and pole to help you on tough and dangerous terrains. In addition to that, carry a first aid kit containing medicines, bandages, cotton wool or gauze pads, and ointment. Also, know basic first aid skills to help you save a fellow or yourself.

Look For Company

Whether you’re a solo traveler or not, a company in the mountains is crucial as anything can happen. So, come with friends or family members. But making new friends on the go is also good as you’ll need help climbing the mountain.


Several reasons will make you visit Arkansas, Ouachita mountains, like the breathtaking scenery and water bodies. Identify one which is on your wish list and plan for the trip. But don’t forget to prepare well for the trip as this guide has elaborated.  

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