Can You Eat Goliath Grouper?

Because they have been overfished during the 1970s through 1980s, and far too many youngsters were taken, a Goliath grouper remained unavailable to fishermen for over 30 years.

Goliath Grouper Fish.

These species were esteemed at the era for their length as well as their nutritional content. So, in response to the topic of whether or not you can consume Goliath grouper, one can state that they are appetizing. But capturing them is forbidden, so they were not on the table very frequently.

About the Goliath Grouper

Like other groupers, an Atlantic goliath consumes rather large fish, crustaceans, and sometimes even smaller sharks.

Reefs containing a lot of predators, including goliath groupers from the Atlantic, are considered to be a lot healthier compared to reefs that don’t have any, therefore this species might be a key element of the coral food chain.

Goliath groupers from the Atlantic eat its prey whole, rather than chewing it. These fishes suck in entire fishes or huge invertebrates by creating enough pressure drop in their jaws, and they ingest them rapidly and efficiently.

Are Goliath Grouper Good to Eat?

Goliath grouper has been truly regarded as high-quality fish. This, combined with their stature, gained enormous popularity targets for fresh seafood, resulting in a catastrophic decline in their number.

This occurred to the point that the United States had to impose a harvest restriction on the fish in 1990, followed by the Caribbean during 1993 then in Brazil during 2002.

Goliath Grouper Good to Eat.

Based on old-timers who captured goliath grouper well before the prohibition. It’s a perfectly alright fish with a taste similar to those other grouper species, however the flesh may be a tough course. Chowders and stews benefit greatly from this addition.

While its population is improving, increased poaching statistics, particularly in Brazil, present various concerns. And it will entice foodies who want to try this rare creature.

Yes, you can have a goliath grouper meal or two – then you’ll be completely healthy at the end of it.  However you’ll have to violate the rules to do just that, which is unlikely to change in the near future given the sluggish pace. With which the population of goliath grouper is increasing.

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Can You Eat Goliath Grouper?

Is it fit to eat? Goliath grouper may be seen on the menus of other nations, including Cuba, indicating that this is a species which can be consumed. 

Can You Eat Goliath Grouper.

Although it isn’t as delicate as other fish, it produces great fish chowder and stew, and that’s how the species is most commonly served.

These groupers may grow to be large, so if you’re going to eat one, go for a younger juvenile. The flesh is less rough than that of older groupers.

What Does Goliath Grouper Taste Like?

The flavor of grouper is relatively moderate, with a little sweet undertone. It’s among the gentlest fish, with almost no “fishy” flavor.

Friends say grouper tastes like a cross between halibut and sea bass , which features an additional sweetness comparable to lobster or crab. The flesh of the grouper is greasy and crumbles into huge, hard flakes.

A Goliath grouper possesses a moderate flavor with a somewhat sweet undertone, similar to other grouper types. This has been characterized as having a taste that is midway between that of a halibut and that of a sea bass

The flavor of grouper is relatively moderate, with a little sweet undertone.

It is sometimes likened to lobster or crab meat in terms of sweetness, that illustrates why this is such a popular fish. The quantity of flesh you obtain from a Goliath grouper is probably the biggest distinction between it and other groupers.

Furthermore, because the bigger Goliath groupers have become older. The flesh may be rubbery or tough after the prohibition expires if you did manage to capture one which weighs at the high end of the guidelines.

You’ll want to marinate it in a solution of saltwater overnight for it to tenderize a little, then bake or fry it until it’s as juicy and crispy as its cousins’ flesh.

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Can You Eat  Raw Goliath Grouper?

The flesh of a Goliath grouper seems usually too rough to eat uncooked, so it’s generally a cooked seafood that needs a little tenderizing in a saucepan or skillet.

Can You Eat Raw Goliath Grouper

Goliath Grouper Sashimi.

However, there is an exception. In a lot of Asian nations, its bone marrow contained in a vertebrae of the Goliath grouper has been regarded as a raw gourmet. The defense system is supposed to benefit from this jelly-like uncooked meat.

Unless you don’t intend on visiting a foreign nation anytime in the near future, you won’t be able to consume a Goliath grouper. However if the US lowers its current restriction on this massive fish, you might be able to.

You’ll either want to capture one personally or go to a sushi restaurant to sample the delicious flesh of the fish. This really is one seafood that will feed you for a long time, regardless of how you prepare it!

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Where to Catch Goliath Grouper?

A goliath grouper has been the Atlantic Ocean’s biggest grouper species, measuring up to 800 lbs. They were formerly considered for inclusion underneath the Endangered Species List due to overfishing in the southeast part of the United States.

This goliath grouper was typically found in tropical seas that are shallow among coral and man-made reefs.

The Florida Keys and Gulf of Mexico located in the United States, as well as the Bahamas, much of the Caribbean, as well as the better part of Brazilian coast are all within its range.

Giant grouper have indeed been captured off the coasts of Maine and Massachusetts on a few occasions. Goliath grouper may be located off the African coast, from Senegal to Congo, at the eastern part of the Atlantic Ocean.

Is it illegal to catch a Goliath grouper?

The holding of goliath grouper, which is an aptly named species that may grow over 800 lbs, has been prohibited in Florida from 1990 until recently.

However, commercial and recreational fishermen have long argued that the population has recovered to the extent that the ravenous eaters have become a nuisance. This month, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission announced a policy change.

Is it illegal to catch a Goliath grouper?

Beginning in spring 2023, solely state waterways will be able to collect the enormous fish, which will be strictly monitored. From the south of Martin County along the Florida Keys’ Atlantic shore, the limited hunting will not operate.

Along with their size, goliath grouper develop slowly and procreate slowly. They can also survive for 30 years. Just because of that, they were vulnerable to exploitation, and they have been nearly wiped out before the legislative prohibition 32 years ago.

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Can A Grouper Eat a Human?

Although goliath groupers pose no threat to humans, it will grab everything they want. Just like that obese bully who shoves youngsters into lockers then steals their money before going home and crying because he’s lonesome.

However they’re not alone in this scenario: whenever goliath groupers reproduce, they do so in vast numbers, all swarming around hunting for lobsters and crabs to eat.

Arif Sabir, a spearfisherman had a run-in with a remarkably fearless and aggressive goliath grouper when diving in 80 ft. deep seas off the shore of Jupiter, Florida, according to GrindTV.

Sabir had only just captured a smaller amberjack using his spearfish rifle. When he observed the enormous grouper staring toward him and narrowing the gap between themselves, he informed Grind TV.

Sabir posted on their YouTube page that he was “being pursued by a goliath grouper”. The lower jaw of this large fish has at least 3-5 rows of teeth that are really sharp.

Can you eat goliath grouper Florida?

After overfishing destroyed Florida’s grouper species to the point where fishermen were no longer allowed to retain them. Wildlife authorities voted on Thursday to allow anyone to catch, slaughter, and consume 200 of this species per year.

Scientists don’t know how many goliaths are there in Florida and how long these species live. So the transformation occurs while basic questions regarding them remain unsolved.

Can you eat goliath grouper Florida

Researchers with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission say the species has recovered enough that a modest harvest would not be enough to wipe it out. And fishermen will give data to assist scientists learn more about the species.

Anglers can only be permitted to retain goliaths around 24 to 36 inches in length under the government’s new guideline. Normally, fish of such size aren’t mature enough to spawn. 

Based on  the Conservation Commission, an oldest known goliath lived for 37 years. According to experts, the fish might live to be 100 years old.

For decades, the state considered resuming a harvest, very recently around 2018. Whether retaining the goliath is a great idea has been a source of contention among anglers, explorers, scientists, and environmentalists.

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How long do Goliath groupers live?

Goliath groupers have a long life, and the expected lifespan of the Goliath grouper may surprise you.

Goliaths, according to some experts, may live between 50 and 100 years under optimal conditions. An oldest Goliath grouper ever documented lived to reach 37 years old.

Cleatus, a Goliath, became one of the first groupers ever captured in captivity. Cleatus, who was housed at the Florida Aquarium, survived to reach 30 years old.

After he died, a post mortem was done. The manner of death was determined to be old age. Annual increase rings observed in the rays of dorsal fin in any Goliath grouper may be used to determine its age.

What’s the biggest goliath grouper ever caught?

The biggest Goliath Grouper ever captured in the open was 680 pounds during 2021 at the southern coast of Florida. In May during 1961, anglers caught the Grouper.

the biggest goliath grouper ever caught

The biggest Goliath Grouper ever captured in the open was 680 pounds during 2021 at the southern coast of Florida

Another party of anglers in Florida snagged a nearly-as-monstrous Goliath in June 2021, weighing in at around 500 pounds.

How much is a goliath grouper worth?

Many customers who obtain the $500 license may additionally require the services of the fishing guide to transport them. To a nearshore pier or another location from which they can capture a designated goliath grouper. 

This guide might charge $500-$600, plus tip, beverages, and travel expenses.

Every goliath grouper that has the size of 20-36-inch weighs 12-25 lbs, so an angler should expect to pay around $40 every pound to catch one. At that pricing, buying grouper filets from a fish store makes so much more sense.

The Best Ways to Cook a Grouper

Because the large grouper’s main attraction is its distinct flavor. It’s best to prepare it in a manner that doesn’t overpower it with your other desired seasonings. 

They will surely work for those other varieties of groupers especially if circumstances don’t let you get your hands on a huge grouper.

  • Grilled with Lemon

Grilled goliath grouper with Lemon

Grilled goliath grouper with Lemon.


    • 1 tablespoon olive oil
    • 2 teaspoons Italian herb seasoning blend
    • 2 6-ounce grouper filets
    • 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice
    • Fresh lemon wedges


  • Place the grouper at a sheet of aluminum foil that is large enough to hold it. Cover the grouper using Italian spices and sprinkle every filet using  freshly squeezed lemon juice and olive oil. Make a package out of the foil by crimping it securely.
  • Position the foil sheet on the grilling slats and set the grill to moderate to medium-high temperature. Cook for 10 up to 12 minutes on the grill. Wait for a minute after removing the foil package from the griddle before unwrapping it. Firm and flaky fish is ideal.

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Final Thoughts

A live goliath grouper seems to be more valuable than one that has died. And it is here that the actual benefit for fishermen and other taxpayers of Florida is found.

Swimming with goliaths attracts visitors from all around the nation as well as the world. It is a significant source of tourist income for Florida, and not only for the diving business.

Surprisingly, the same qualities that renders goliath groupers prone to exploitation as well as extinction also make them ideal ecotourist attractions. They’re huge, live a long time, and don’t pose a threat to divers’ safety.

A goliath grouper’s ability to feed on toxic species might make it a useful partner in the fight against such damaging intruders.

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